Experience many of the exciting arcade games to hit the scene! Including The Walking Dead, New Jurassic Park, Quik Drop, and many more. Use your rechargeable Card to access any of the games, then celebrate at the redemption center by using your tickets for any of our amazing prizes.


Redemption Rewards

Once you register your game card you can track your points with us forever, all you do is come and check in with us and will give you all the info you need. Cards never expire. We have a host of redemptions gifts you can choose from.

Rechargable card

Rechargeable Cards

Our super simple swipe cards make gaming hassle free. Load the card at our counter or at our kiosk and your good to go. Track your points and recharge at your will. Gaming has never been so simple!


Ice Ball

Step right up to ICE Ball FX and roll the balls down a thin alley way to try and aim for the highest values. The more points you end up with, the more tickets you earn!


Quik Drop

Quik Drop's fast-paced and addictive game play has players skillfully try to land all 50 balls in the rotating buckets — the more balls you catch the more tickets you win!

Big bass

Big Bass Wheel

Reel in the Fun! Players step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets. For an even bigger catch, a Big Bass Bonus has been added where players can win up to 1000 tickets for a perfect spin!

Ultimate play

Ultimate Play

Along with your family and friends and join the nonstop gaming adventure.


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